Oh Baby! Baby Boy Shower!

For this joyous occasion we've used prepared a giant chocolate cupcake topped with a handcrafted baby boy and donkey holding a baby's bottle. Other hand-drawn decorative toppers were also included. The base of the giant cupcake is made out of Candy Melts which tastes just like white chocolate.

The theme consisted of a combination of blues and greens and brown and included an array of regular chocolate and red velvet flavored cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes were topped with pastel blue and green edible pearl beads while the red velvet cupcakes were swirled with multi-colored cream cheese frosting. 

These cupcakes were presented on our Wilton cupcake stand which is available for rental.

Farewell and Good Luck John!

Here are a couple of pictures of custom cupcake pick for our client Angela, and her co-worker's farewell party (John), who as she described as simple and enjoys cigarettes and alcohol. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Adrielle and Sophia!

A collection of pictures of a giant chocolate butterly and flower themed cupcake and matching mini red velvet and mini chocolate cupcakes. These cupcakes were prepared for the lovely Mendoza twins Adrielle and Sophia, for their 2nd Birthday!

Raisa's Bachelorette!

Just a couple of snapshots from Raisa's Bachelorette! Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes with sexy custom cupcake toppers for these lovely ladies. Congratulations Raisa, we love you!

Donna's Engagement - Congratulations!

Featuring Red Velvet cupcakes prepared for Donna's Engagement Party! The cupcakes are topped with two toned cream cheese hydrangea icing, and some custom hand made toppers. 

Happy Birthday Arwen!

Mini red velvets were the selected cupcakes for Arwen's surprise birthday celebration. The cupcakes were topped with pastel green edible pearl beads and custom designed cupcake pick toppers featuring Arwen and and her wonderful family.

It's a Boy! - Karen's Baby Shower

This small collection of photos features pictures taken from my cousin Karen's Baby Shower. Custom blue colored "It's a Boy" and Elephant shaped cupcake topper picks were handmade and presented on mini Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes. Congratulations Karen!

Popcorn and Cupcakes?

Hidden beneath the disguise of a popcorn bucket is a giant red velvet flavored cupcake.  The giant cupcake is topped with mini marshmallows, individually cut and dusted with edible yellow powder to create the effect of the ever popular cheese powder. The base features a combination of M & M's and Jelly Beans and red sugar sheet strips were used to line the popcorn bucket for the patterned effect. This was by far one of our most favored creations to date and thank you to our dear friends Christie and Ron for putting us up to the challenge!

IMG 6581

Princess Evana

We had a blast designing and creating our own princess themed cupcakes for Evana's 7th Birthday. Each cupcake featured a colorful array of flower fondants individually crafted.

butterfly cupcake bouquet

Butterfly Bouquet

Our exclusive designs of Cupcake Bouquets are the perfect addition to any occasion. Send them to that special somebody or use them as a centerpiece.

giant wedding cupcake

Giant Wedding Cupcake

This the first request we've catered a wedding theme to, and it features a Giant Vanilla cupcake topped off with hand crafted fondant flowers and glittered butterflies and a variety of floral designs topped on mini oreo and nutella cupcakes.


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